Raiffeisen ELBA-internet is the online banking application of the Raiffeisen Banking Group of Austria. Please select your federal country from the following map to see the "Raiffeisen ELBA-internet Subscription agreement", the "Terms of Services" and information in accordance with the e-commerce law which are valid for your federal country.


Content and architecture of the Raiffeisen ELBA-internet site are protected in copyright matters. The duplication of information and data, especially the use of text or pictorial material requires the previous agreement of the Raiffeisen Banking Group.
Raiffeisen e-force GmbH, Friedrich-Wilhelm-Raiffeisen-Platz 1, 1020 Wien
Technical Realization: Raiffeisen Software GmbH, Goethestraße 80, 4021 Linz

Online Dispute Resolution

For transactions conducted online, following article No. 14, paragraph 1 of the ODR-decree, the European Commission provides a platform for online dispute resolution. This can be reached via the following link:

Contact us:

E-Commerce Quality - the internet seal

Meaning and value of the internet seal "E-Commerce Quality" awarded to Raiffeisen

The internet seal "E-Commerce Quality" has a special meaning during this phase of the increasing online commerce and the online business dealing: Wherever you find this seal in the web, you can be sure, that you are on a web page, which identity and authenticity is verified and certified by the HANDESLVERBAND.

In addition the E-Commerce Quality expresses that the web page informs customer-friendly and in agreement with the laws about its offers and all business activities and provides secure, high-grade in quality electronic functions.

Raiffeisen was awarded with the internet seal E-Commerce Quality - Certified Payment Services

Especially for financial service provider in the internet this high-grade kind of the internet seal E-Commerce Quality - Certified Payment Services was developed. It signals, that both the private customer and the corporate customer will be informed full-scaled, in accordance with the European e-commerce guidelines and the Austrian e-commerce-law about the operating company and its business activity or specific payment services. When an online payment system is offered, the internet seal authenticates simultaneously that it was tested in detail and was classified as customer-friendly and last, but not least, that all its functions are documented online.

Raiffeisen ELBA-internet is certified by "" as electronic service, which creates secure digital signatures according the Austrian signature law (SigG).

You will find all required software for the usage of digital signatures here: a-sign installer.

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